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Fung Cheng’s life story begins in Hong Kong, where he was born and spent his early years. In 2002, Fung moved across the globe to Vancouver, Canada, marking the beginning of an international journey that would shape his career and perspective.

Fung Cheng


founder of // clickperbox

Fung cheng

I believe that every brand, no matter where it is from, should be treated as equally in the Worldwide market – all brand can have the same level of opportunity if you market it in a right way that fit the target country’s market.

From MBA to marketing


  • Born in Hong Kong, moved to Vancouver, Canada in 2002.
  • Obtained an MBA from Thompson Rivers University in 2013, specializing in international marketing and media.
  • Established his first company in Canada to assist international brands in marketing their products.
  • In 2019, returned to Hong Kong and founded Clickperbox to aid international brands in the Chinese market.

Fung Cheng, originally from Hong Kong, embarked on an international journey, moving to Vancouver, Canada, in 2002. There, he pursued his MBA from Thompson Rivers University, specializing in international marketing and media. Post-graduation, he founded a company assisting brands to market their products internationally. After seven years of aiding nearly 100 brand owners in Canada, he returned to Hong Kong in 2019. Here, he leveraged his global marketing expertise and launched Clickperbox, a firm aimed at helping international brands navigate and establish a strong presence in the expansive Chinese market.

Interviews and awards


  • Featured in over 15 mainstream media outlets, including China Central Television (CCTV) and People’s Daily.
  • Appeared in the Shenzhen segment of Zhejiang Satellite TV’s program “Our New Era,” broadcasted during the Twentieth National Congress of China.


  • Recipient of the International Branding Famous Brand Award at the China Brand Boao Summit 2023.
  • Honored with the Marketing Leading Enterprise Award at the China Economic Conference 2023.
  • Nominated for the “Business Excellence Award in the category of Young Entrepreneur of the Year” in Richmond, BC, Canada in 2017.
  • Nominated as “Shenzhen Top Ten Outstanding Young Entrepreneurs of the Year” in 2022.
  • Recorded in China’s national literature “Ingenuity in China” Book in 2023. 

Fung Cheng’s expertise has led to multiple media appearances, including a significant feature on Zhejiang Satellite TV’s “Our New Era” during the Twentieth National Congress of China. His media presence underlines his stature as a trusted expert in international marketing. Recognition of his efforts came in the form of prestigious awards such as the International Branding Famous Brand Award and the Marketing Leading Enterprise Award. These honors serve as testaments to Fung’s influence and exceptional contributions to the field.

FUNG CHENG's Belief and Vision


  • Has helped nearly 100 brand owners to market their products internationally while in Canada.
  • As the main speaker at several events, including the Canada China Trade Conference in 2016, xTech “Startup Weekend” in Shenzhen China in 2022, and the China Brand Boao Summit in 2023.
  • His company Clickperbox has assisted numerous international brands in successfully penetrating the Chinese market.

Fung Cheng’s achievements span across international borders. His pioneering work in assisting nearly 100 brands reach global audiences is notable. Fung’s successful leadership at Clickperbox, aiding international brands to break into the Chinese market, is another testament to his skill set. Additionally, his role as the keynote speaker at multiple major conferences showcases his recognition as a thought leader in the field of international marketing. His accomplishments highlight his dedication and impact in the industry.


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