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Welcome to the world of Fung Cheng - a beacon of international marketing excellence, groundbreaking entrepreneurial ventures, and transformative thought leadership. Embark on a journey with a strategist whose innovative approach and keen insights have empowered numerous brands to achieve international recognition and success.

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Fung Cheng

Welcome to Fung Cheng’s official website, the hub for Fung’s professional endeavors, insights, recognitions, and more. A seasoned entrepreneur and marketing expert, Fung Cheng has dedicated his career to helping international brands navigate the complex business terrain of China. With rich professional experiences that span continents and a deep understanding of the dynamics of global marketing, Fung Cheng is more than just a business professional – he’s a bridge that connects businesses with their potential in new markets.

who's Fung cheng

Fung Cheng is a Hong Kong-born entrepreneur, marketing expert, and sought-after keynote speaker.

who's Fung cheng

Fung Cheng is a Hong Kong-born entrepreneur, marketing expert, and sought-after keynote speaker.

His journey took him from Hong Kong to Vancouver, Canada, where he completed his MBA from Thompson Rivers University, specializing in international marketing and media. After seven successful years of entrepreneurial experience in Canada, Fung returned to Hong Kong in 2019, blending his Western experiences with his Eastern origins to establish Clickperbox, a company dedicated to assisting international brands in the Chinese market.


Fung Cheng


Founder of Clickperbox

A Marketing company for brands to China

Clickperbox, Fung’s brainchild, is a marketing firm that specializes in aiding international brands in establishing and expanding their footprint in China. The company’s unique blend of western marketing strategies and understanding of local consumer behavior has helped multiple brands penetrate China’s competitive marketplace. Clickperbox’s successful portfolio and Fung’s strategic leadership form a dynamic partnership that drives brand success and expansion in new markets.

InterviewS medias

Fung Cheng’s insights and expertise have led him to numerous appearances on esteemed media platforms, from China Central Television (CCTV) to People’s Daily. As a guest on Zhejiang Satellite TV’s program “Our New Era,” Fung represented Shenzhen during the Twentieth National Congress of China, emphasizing his pivotal role in international marketing discourse. His interviews offer a wealth of knowledge for anyone interested in the field.


Fung’s exceptional contributions to the field of marketing have been recognized through prestigious accolades. He has received the International Branding Famous Brand Award and the Marketing Leading Enterprise Award in China, and was nominated for the “Business Excellence Award in the category of Young Entrepreneur of the Year” in Canada. Each of these recognitions serves as a testament to Fung’s influential role in shaping the narrative of international brand marketing.


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